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AF35259  Churchill AVRE with Snake Launcher
AF35259  Churchill AVRE with Snake Launcher

AF35259 Churchill AVRE with Snake Launcher

Churchill AVRE with Snake Launcher - The AVRE(Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) was a Churchill III or IV equipped with the Petard, a 290 mm Spigot mortar, throwing the 40 lb (18 kg) "Flying dustbin" with its 28 pound high explosive warhead; a weapon designed for the quick levelling of fortifications, which was developed by MD1. The petard was reloaded by traversing the turret to the co-driver's hatch. The co-driver then breaks down open the petard barrel and pushes the petard round into the barrel and then closes it. The co-driver's hands are briefly exposed during the process. The AVRE was designed after the Canadian defeat at Dieppe, and could also be equipped with numerous other attachments, such as mine flails, fascine rollers, explosive placers etc. The crew of six were drawn from the Royal Engineers, except for the driver who came from the Royal Armoured Corps. One of the RE crew was a demolitions NCO sapper responsible for priming the "Flying dustbin" and who led the crew when they dismounted from the tank to place demolition charges ("Wade" charges). Post war Churchill AVREs were modified Churchill Mk VII armed with a breech loading low velocity 165mm demolition gun that fired a HESH round with about 40 lb of C4.

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