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 5 complete markings for some of the M4A1 Shermans used by the US Army and USMC in the Pacific.
Note the smaller format of the set, and the smaller price. Only 250 copies printed.
Available for sale from 2008-04-15.

M4A1 '3'. 1st Marine Tank Battalion. Cape Glouchester 1944.
B. M4A1 '13 / Sloppy Joe'. 603rd Light Tank Company, Manus Island 1944.
C. M4A1 '28 / Man-o-War'. Army Tank Battalion, Phillipines in 1944.
D. M4A1 '58 / Lucky Tiger'. 767th Tank Battalion, Kwajelein atoll 1944.
E. M4A1 Flame tank '3 / Black Jack III'. 754th TB, Bouganville 1944.



BD35070 US M4A1 Sherman in the Pacific (5)

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